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Company information

  Rawet s.r.o. - design and manufacture of regulation, automation and measurement technology.
  We produce DIN rail-mounted converters of both electrical and non-electrical signals:
  - alternating and direct currents and voltages
  - Pt100, Pt1000 resistance thermometers, resistance transmitters
  - thermocouples
  - galvanic separation and conditioning of analogue signals
  - 24V DC power sources
  Moreover, we produce bistable temperature regulators (monitors) and resistance thermometers.
  Our thermometers can be dimensioned as the customer wishes and are fitted with 4...20 mA converter. We manufacture converters for resistance thermometers and for thermocouples; these converters can be mounted into thermometer hoods.


  We offer both high quality and attractive prices to all our customers.


Our biggest customer:

SIEMENS Elektromotory
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ABB Energo
ZAT Pribram
JSP Nova Paka
Autel Trinec
Lokel Ostrava
Jihomoravske plynarny a.s.
CEZ a.s.
ProjectSoft HK a.s.
A.P.O Elmos v.o.s.
EXIMUS s.r.o.
Prvni Elektro a.s.
ASKOMONT Breclav s.r.o.
... and c. 300 another